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TAKING UP THE POLITICAL LEADERSHIP AND THE EGYPTIAN GOVERNMENT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT FOR THEIR VEHICLES WAIT FOR THEIR LOCAL WAIT FOR 2030 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN THEIR COMMUNITIES IN THEIR COMMUNITIES In providing a rapid transit environment and integrated services Waiting for Transportation Waiting for Transportation Waiting for their cars, brands, brands, brands Brands and their brands in rapid transit networks park their cars park their cars park their cars park their cars in Heliopolis by 2030. Linking email and agencies to the contacts of the contacts of the production companies of the transportation group of companies For transportation via express mail Road transportation is a means of transportation, a safe, fast, civilized, and clean means of transportation in the environment from pollution to keep pace with the first steps in the field of urban expansion through e-mail The arteries of fast electric trains serve the Egyptian citizen and stimulate the economic, commercial and tourism movement throughout the Republic and contribute in slum strategy.

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