Projects in the tender stage

The political leadership and the Egyptian government attach great importance to the implementation of the road map that targets a new Egypt by 2030 to achieve sustainable development, raise the standard of life of citizens and achieve the aspirations of the Egyptian people to provide a decent and dignified life in the belief that transportation is one of the most important pillars on which the social and economic development of countries is based. Different ways of achieving linkage and integration between the housing assembly centers and the production and service centers in response to the transportation demands that exceeded the volume that can be covered by surface transportation on the roads to provide a safe, fast, civilized and clean means of transportation that preserves the environment from pollution to keep pace with the vast strides taken by the state in the field of urban expansion by extending The arteries of fast electric trains serve the Egyptian citizen, activate the economic, commercial and tourism movement throughout the republic, and contribute to the state’s strategy to combat the phenomenon of slums. sand with s Kendria and the development of the first line metro systems, while continuing to develop the current transportation system at the level of the Republic

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