Misr2030 Vision

  1. Egypt Vision 2030

    Providing a transport system that achieves sustainable development and is intrinsically linked with the requirements of future national economic and social development, and at the same time supports the role of transport at the regional and international levels.

  1. In this context, the main axes of the development vision for the transport sector are as follows:

    Achieving balance and integration between the different means of transportation. Focusing on multimodal transport to optimize the use of each mode of transport. Developing the railway sector and increasing its contribution to transporting goods to improve the sector’s economies, provide a cheap means of transportation and reduce the burden on the road network. Encouraging the contribution of river transport to transporting goods. Financial and administrative restructuring of affiliated bodies and sectors. Developing human resources to ensure upgrading performance levels and maximizing the return on activity investments. Strengthening the vital role of maritime transport for its strong positive impact on revitalizing international trade and the movement of individuals and tourist groups. Enhancing the participation of the private sector in the development of the transport system. Providing high levels of safety in the transport sector and paying attention to the quality factor in the sector's services.

  1. Economic importance of the transport sector:

    Transportation networks of all kinds are the arteries of economic life, through which production centers and consumption markets are linked, and production sites are able to obtain their requirements of raw materials and operating requirements. Therefore, the output of this sector represents an important input of production in many commodity and service sectors, such as trade and extractive and manufacturing sectors, hence the importance of improving the efficiency of this sector and improving its productivity due to its positive effects on the performance of other economic sectors, their competitiveness and market access. The transport sector indicators have become one of the main indicators indicating the degree of economic and social progress of countries, and the transport sector in Egypt occupies a special importance due to its distinguished geographical location in the middle of transport routes and near the main markets in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, which represents a strength and prepares it to become It is a major global hub and hub in transport and logistics services, especially in light of the widespread multimodal transport system, and the huge savings it brings.