Environmental factors for projects

  1. The Ministry of Transport is making great efforts to improve the accessibility and quality of various means of transportation in Egypt, with the main objective being “Transportation that works for all” through a transportation system that balances economic, environmental and social needs.

  2. The objective of the EIA is to ensure that the project is environmentally sound and sustainable, and that any negative environmental consequences are recognized early in the project cycle and taken into account prior to project implementation. This is done by:

  3. Description of the proposed project and associated work together with the requirements for implementing the proposed development.

  4. Identify and describe the elements of the environment that are likely to be affected by the proposed development.

  5. Create the current base environment for the project area.

  6. Identifying and assessing the harmful and beneficial environmental impacts of the project.

  7. Suggest mitigation measures to reduce the negative effects of the project.

  8. Propose a monitoring plan during project construction and operation to help manage environmental impact and improve mitigation methods.

Environmental factors for projects

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