line2 (Shubra El-Kheima - Al-Munaib)

  1. The second line importance is that it has not been built on a previous infrastructure such as the first line, and use the most modern drilling technology at this time using giant drilling machines, the newest generation of machines that have dug the Channel Tunnel Between England and France.
    The Nile crossing was built under the greater East Nile subbranch south of Qasr El Nil bridge in front of the Semiramis Hotel and the West Nile branch, and the Sheraton Cairo Hotel was a phenomenal achievement by all standards, carried out by the giant drilling machine Nefertiti.
    The second line extends from Shubra al-Khimah to Ramses Square Then to Attaba and Tahrir Square, then the Nile crosses its branches into Dokki then to Giza to the areas of Umm Al Massrien to end in Al-Munaib with total length of 21.6 km and 20 Stations.
    Design capacity is 1.76 million passengers and has been implemented and opened in five phases:
    Phase 1 (Shubra El Khaima – Al- Shohadaa): 8 km. length – 8 underground stations – inaugurated in 1996.
    Phase 2 (Al- Shohadaa – El Tahir): 3 km. length – 3 underground stations – inaugurated in 1997.
    Phase 3 (Al-Tahrir - Cairo University): 5.5 km long, 4 stations (3 underground stations - 1 ongrad station) opened in 1999.
    Phase 4 ( Cairo university – Om El Masryeen ): 2.7 km long, 3 ongrad stations opened in 2000.
    Phase 5 ( Om El Masryeen – El Mounib ) :2.6 km length – 2 ongrad stations – inaugurated in 2005.

  2. The most important difficulties Which faced the authority during implementation

    the Deep tunnel between stations:
    The mole of the deep Drilling machine (Hatshepsut) from Al-Khalafawi station was heading toward Saint Teresa.
    Given to antiquity of the area And the presence of groundwater In addition to soil nature of Saint Teresa,The station was completely submerged in water To equalize the pressures in front of the giant drilling machine, the machine was successfully entered into the station.
    The method of submerged the station with water to match the pressure of the underground water outside the station box with the water inside the box is a technique that is applied for the first time in such giant projects, and this technique proved successful and the giant drilling machine, the Cheppsot, safely crossed the St. Teresa station box Others are similar and have the same conditions.

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