Raml Tram Rehabilitation

  1. Raml Tram Rehabilitation project (Victoria station to El Manshia)

    Alexandria city is considered one of the most important cities after the Greater Cairo area and one of the most important commercial, industrial and touristic centers, and due to its high population, the necessity of a constructional expansion and improvement for transportation services increases. That leads all the studies done for Alexandria city to have one result which is the importance of improving and developing the public transportation in the city.
    The transportation studies for Alexandria city done by the French consultant EGIS-RAIL through a grant from the French Development Agency recommended that the optimum solution for the public transportation problem in Alexandria is constructing (4) transportation projects of high priority according to the strategic plan of the urban transportation up to year 2032 including Raml Tram Rehabilitation project from Victoria station to El Raml station and studying its extension to El Manshia.

  2. Project description

    The length of the line is 14.11 km and includes 25 stations (6.3 km surface - 7.52 km upper
    - 278 meters tunnel).
    The current tram ridership is 47,000 passengers per day, and it will reach 138,000 passengers per day in 2032.
    After the rehabilitation, the tram track starts from Victoria Station and then extends west to pass the areas (San Stefano - Jancles - Ministry - Rushdi - Mostafa Kamel - Sidi Gaber - Sporting - Ibrahimia - Raml), then the tram line ends in Mansheya Square.
    After development, the flight time will be reduced from 60 minutes to 31 minutes, and the operating speed will be increased from 11 km/h
    To 21 km/hour, the trickling time will decrease from (9:8) minutes to (3:2.50) minutes.
    The period of design and implementation is (3) years
    Currently studying systra consultant

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